Grand Savannah mansion has a spacious master suite fit for a king or queen

The coastal city of Savannah, Ga. is known for its elegant feel and its rich and ornate architecture. Its Historic District has distinct cobblestoned roads along which horse-drawn carriages can be found, and the historic architecture reflects the age and charm of this beautiful city. 
The Victorian Mansion on Huntingdon, featured below, has been "historically recognized as one of the finest examples of Second Empire Architecture in all of Savannah," according to the rental description for the house on its Airbnb page. 
The living room beautifully sets the tone for the rich, splendid style of architecture seen throughout the house. Many other rooms have ornate chandeliers like the one hanging here, which oozes elegance when taken in next to the large fireplace with marble detailing and the set of French doors leading off to a side room. A set of sliding doors lead into the dining room, which, when opened, create the illusion that the living room is much larger.
Sophisticated wood flooring is quite common in Victorian homes and can be found in most rooms of this home, apart from tile found in the kitchen and bathrooms.  
Though clearly remodeled to have updated appliances and fixtures, the kitchen still reflects the overall aesthetic of aged grandeur, and in true Victorian style, makes great use of a rather awkward floorplan.  
The kitchen is tucked into a small nook, and the eating area is off to the side in another small nook. These spaces that seem to jut out from the walls or from a main room are rarely found in modern home designs because of their impracticality, but they are a wonderful reflection of the fact that this home was built in 1865.
The master suite is adorned with a large, iron poster bed and flowing drapes that can enclose the mattress. The bed looks almost like it was pulled from the pages of a children's fairytale book. 
Hardwood floors, ceiling moldings, and the fireplace at the foot of the bed create the ultimate feeling of nostalgic luxury. 
The master suite doesn't end there, however. A side door leads into a dressing room with a built-in closet, and just beyond is the bathroom. 
Fixtures in the bathroom are tucked into the odd corners of the room, making the most of this oblong space while still leaving room for double sinks and a jacuzzi tub. 
This master suite truly has it all. 
There are three other bedrooms in the house, as well as two other full bathrooms and two half bathrooms. Though not as luxurious as the master suite, the other rooms possess many of the same exquisite touches, such as hardwood flooring, chandeliers, and fireplaces. 
Step down the back stairs and you'll notice that even the backyard matches the grace of the interior with its brick walkway that leads up to a beautiful wooden gazebo. 
Spending warm, summer nights out on this gazebo would be simply splendid! 
This restored home reflects the character of historic Savannah wonderfully, encapsulating the Victorian style of ornateness in almost all of its features, especially that luxurious master suite! 
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