Venice, Calif. bungalow impresses, inside and out

Nestled beneath some Venice, Calif. palm trees, this West Coast bungalow is a home to behold. While the living area is a mere 1,002 square feet, this intelligently-designed house makes great use of its space, leaving us with far more room than you might imagine. An open floorplan through much of the living area has this small space feeling airy in the best sense of the word. 
The small footprint might have you thinking that this abode is lacking in features — but that couldn't be further from the truth. It's got an incredibly spacious kitchen (with lovely crimson-colored countertops) that flows into the dining area before emptying out into the living room. 
Like many bungalows, this one features many characteristics common amongst Craftsman homes (the exposed beams on the roof outside, for instance), but the similarities stop at the exterior. The inside of this house is donned in clean, straight lines and modern appliances. An artful set of colors adds to the modern feeling. 
The upholstered chairs at the dining room table borrow their color from the counters in the kitchen, brilliantly tying the two spaces together.
This second view of the dining room shows off a wall of windows that likely shower the space in sunshine throughout the afternoon.
The living room almost looks like it's out of another era — there's something about the space that screams "vintage" and "modern" at the same time. The purple rug is a bold move, but the way it complements the color of the couch proves that it was a smart choice. 
One of the bathrooms features sea foam green, translucent tiles. They're a bit reminiscent of the glass you might find at the ocean, and when combined with the bubbly shower curtain, this room takes on a subtle nautical theme. 
While this bedroom is lacking a bit in terms of windows, the recessed lights dotting the ceiling ensure there'll never be a lack of light. In the next shot, we see a different angle of the room that reveals a lot more space. 
The contrasting colors of the bedspread and the seat cushion provide a nice touch, and the natural wood bedframe complementing the wooden chair brings it all together.
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