Greek Revival Farmhouse has old-fashioned charm

Greek Revival Farmhouses are large, beautiful things -- often times the two or three-story buildings have large wrap around porches with bold, thick pillars. This particular Michigan Farmhouse chose to keep the bold features of the Greek Revival style, but to not let the home's design get too over the top.
The end result is a house that is as beautiful as it is timeless -- there are no modern gimmicks here.The exterior porch lines a part of the front of the house, and a sleeping porch lines the side of the house to keep insects out.
The stone fireplace serves as the primary focal point for the home's living room. Large floor-to-ceiling windows allow light to pour into the room. 
The kitchen features a gorgeous blue marble countertop and island. The marble contrasts perfectly with the brown wooden floor, along with the base of the island.
The dining room is more open than a traditional Farmhouse dining room. Large floor-to-ceiling windows and no barriers make the room feel like a hall rather than just a room.
The mud room features stone floors, which are just as beautiful as wood and much more functional. 
We love finding homes like this that update the ideas and designs present in classic Farmhouses without making the buildings feel too modern. This house is perfect!
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