Three-story farmhouse and accompanying barn ooze with charm

On the border of Pennsylvania and New York lies this magical three-story farmhouse that has a dream-like charm at all times of the year. The house has four bathrooms and four wonderful bathrooms, and although it was originally built in 1866 it has recently been renovated with modern luxeries. 
The real star of the show, however, was the farmhouse's third floor. The beautiful sloped ceilings give every room on the third floor a genuine barn house feeling. Speaking of barns, there's a smaller "Etsy Barn" that was built near the house to entertain small groups of people. 
When the snow season starts, the farmhouse turns into a winter wonderland.
The farmhouse has a cozy little "mud room" to place shoes and outerwear by the main entrance.
Here, you can see the main living area / kitchen. The open design allows light from all sides to pour in, creating an airy, open space.
The long eating table is perfect for family breakfasts. 
The kitchen stools definitely give off the farmhouse, industrial vibe. 
There's also the main dining area for larger or more formal meals. 
The house has a total of six bedrooms each with a different color scheme. 
The second floor has two separate restrooms. The industrial design from downstairs is carried over into this wash room.
The third floor features this extremely cozy suite. It features a comfortable living area and a bed near the rear. 
A fireplace is in a prime foot-warming location.
The third-floor suite has its own delightful bathroom.
Outside, there's a separate barn house that has been transformed to host social events.
The barn features a full bar, as well as a long dining table.
There's also a corner lounge, perfect for enjoying a beverage and conversation with loved ones.
According to the home's AirBnB profile, the house has been featured on television's HGTV network. It's also been seen in such publications as New York Magazine, Green Door Magazine, and Country Living Magazine.
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