Small Craftsman's styled cottage is big on charm

The state of Washington is starting to become very popular not only for its gorgeous landscapes, but also for the housing opportunities, where fairly affordable prices tend go hand in hand with simply stunning homes. This Tacoma house is no different. With two floors and three bedrooms, the house is ready to welcome both families and single bachelors (or bachelorettes) within its walls.
Located on a charming residential cul-de-sac not far from the Proctor business district, the 1,798-square-foot home is obviously too big to be a tiny home, but it also is any suburbanite's dream come true. Let's take a little tour of the place.
The facade is mostly white, with deep blue trims along the doorway, windows, and roof, for an understated yet solid look.
The front door is anchored by small glass panes, which help the existing windows add natural light to the living room. A fireplace made of rough-looking stone adds personality to the space.
The juxtaposition of black and white on the walls is beautiful enough, but the ornate arch that connects the dining room with the living room is just stunning – it's like walking into a painting.
The master bedroom is all lights, with a chandelier nearly as long as the bed stretching out underneath it. The half-paneled walls are a recurring feature in this home, allowing the owners to change the upper half's color in each room while retaining the white paneling for a customizable, yet uniform, theme.
The bedroom has its own bathroom, it too connected with a decorative arch for a doorway. Within the bathroom also lies a walk-in closet. 
The other bathroom relies on pastel hues for a slightly warmer look. A window above the toilet shines a little light on the subject.
The kitchen counters are made of a striking shade of blue, which contrast nicely with the white drawers and cupboard that line the walls.
A dining booth, complete with benches, is featured in the corner of the kitchen for an old-fashioned "diner" feel.
The blue trimming is just as present in the backyard area, with potted plants mirroring the color. A small porch allows for some outdoor relaxation with its own seats and coffee table.
The use of colors in this home is really what sets it apart. What do you think? Let us know in the comments and share this tour if you enjoyed it.

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