Every bedroom is a dream in Texas Painted Lady mansion

The term "Painted Ladies" was originally used to describe the famous Victorian homes in San Francisco, celebrated and admired for their stunning architecture and, more importantly, their bold use of colors. Since then, the expression has spread somewhat to other homes around the United States. While it is used sparingly, that is a way to tell when a house truly fits the mold – like the one pictured below.
This 8,362-square-foot Victorian manor in Weatherford, Texas, not only boasts a mind-boggling 11 bedrooms, but its facade is probably about as colorful as it gets – while still remaining completely tasteful. This is the home that will make all the others look like they're not even trying.
The home's exterior makes a brilliant use of colors, with the general beige color highlighted by both a sea green and a light plum. The dark blue used for the roof tiles complements the other shades perfectly.
The living room interior is lavishly decorated. Perfection incarnate is reflected in the chandelier hanging from the ceiling, the carpet spread out underneath, and the stunning wood carvings above the mirror.
The same framed mirror above the fireplace is repeated in many of the mansion's rooms, though the fireplaces themselves are frequently sealed off, to be replaced instead with flowery arrangements and ornaments.
The kitchen offers a stunning geometrical look, not only with its shapes but also its colors. The black and white tiling on the floor is repeated on the countertops and walls, and the contrast spreads throughout the rest of the appliances for a perfect modern look.
This bedroom's fireplace may be sealed off, but the marble pattern and tiny wheelbarrow filled with flowers make for a marvelous replacement. Like the fireplace, the bed also has a unique frame, one that hangs above with ornate engravings.
The wall-length windows shine abundant light into this colorful bedroom, and while there may not be an actual fireplace here either, an electric one fits right into the spot for a perfectly good substitute.
All the windows and mirrors in this room give it a distinct "Hall of Mirrors" look. The personal sink facing the bed is an unusual, albeit welcome, feature.
This bathroom's design and color pattern are so lovely, it'd almost pass for another bedroom. 
The vaulted ceiling in this massive room, coupled with the ornate chair and somewhat symmetrical features, looks a little like a throne room.
Just wait until winter comes around and the house becomes a snowy wonderland. Purely magical.
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