Texas mansion is full to the brim with luxurious, extravagant details

The Weatherford, Texas home featured below boasts a whopping 8,362 sq.ft. floor plan with 31 rooms in total and 11 bedrooms, making this a veritable mansion. A Painted Lady built in Queen Anne Victorian Style, the home is bursting with charm in just about every nook and cranny, from the gingerbread detailing on the exterior of the house to the exquisitely laid tile surrounding each of the fireplaces. 
In the photo series below, we'll take you on a brief tour of some of the home's more eye-catching treasures, including a ballroom with an arched ceiling! 
From the aerial view in the photo below, you can gain a sense of just how large and imposing this home is. 
Step into the dining room and you get a first-glance at the spectacular sort of tiling that surrounds the fireplaces. Though similar in style and aesthetic, each fireplace displays a different color-scheme, giving each of them a distinct character. 
Another tiled fireplace faces the bed in this smaller bedroom and is built into wooden detailing that matches the elaborate and decadent headboard above the bed. 
The bedroom below, instead of possessing a fireplace, has a set of marble double sinks along the wall opposite the bed. This bed, just like the last, rests under an elaborate headboard. The vibrant yellows and reds in the curtains and paint beautifully complement the woodworking and make this room feel incredibly warm and bright. 
A stunning, elaborate headboard of a third type is found the bedroom below, and another tiled fireplace brightens the space with vibrant and exaggerated blues. 
The colorful tiling is not limited to just the fireplaces, however, as evidenced by this very bright blue bathroom. 
With all this space, it's unsurprisng that some of the bedrooms feature luxurious modern fixtures, like the hot tubs in the two large rooms below. 
One of the most astounding rooms is the ballroom with an arched ceiling. The space is incredibly spacious, and it has a warm, welcoming vibe thanks to the bright hardwood floors, wood detailing, and earth-tone ceiling tiling. If this home were used as an inn, this room would be perfect to hold celebrations and events!
Both outside and in, this humongous Texas mansion is full of awe-inspiring details. 
Would you live in a house this large? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to shae this gallery if you loved it! 
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