Mattapoisett Mansion, the 'Purrington House' features stunning ceiling detailing

Only a short stroll from Buzzard's Bay in Mattapoisett, Mass., the 'Purrington House' is a historic, coastal dream. Built in 1874, this 4,090 square-foot, Second Empire Victorian Mansion does not lack in space or personality. Located in Mattapoisett's historic village, this gem is in a prime location for anyone who love to fish, sail, or just spend relaxing days at the beach. 
Step inside, and you'll realize that, though this home has seen many renovations to modernize the space, it is dripping with old, Victorian charm. Below is a gallery of images of the historic home from its rental posting on Zillow, focusing most specifically on the period details. 
A cuploa at the front of the house provides views of the harbor that must be simply spectacular during sunrise. 
There are three different entrances to the home, and the one in the photo below ushers you inside with a gorgeous white and gold tile ceiling above the entryway. 
In the sitting room below, you can catch a glimpse of the ceiling design that helps offset the hecticness of the dark, patterned wallpaper below. Subtle, earthy green in the ceiling downplays the darkness of the browns on the walls. 
Tell-tale signs of the home's age and original design can be found most notably at both the bottom and top of many of these rooms: carved soapstone or marble fireplaces catch the eye down below and crown molding and chandelier moldings grab your attention at the top of the rooms. 
Detailed wallpaper can be found just below some of the crown molding, as seen in the photo below, and the ornate patterns easily and quickly draw the eye upward. 
A stained glass skylight stands in stark contrast to the dark ceiling paint in this bathroom, drenching this shower in light. Imagine being able to look up at this every morning while getting ready for your day!
A beautiful, all-white, three-season wrap around porch with huge windows offers to the perfect place to take in the beauty of the home's property. 
The subtle, green and white chandelier in this three-season room is perfectly matched to the contrast of the room's all-white aesthetic and the hearty, green foliage outside. 
The fact that this stunning abode is just minutes from nearby Buzzard's Bay makes it a veritable dream house. Would you enjoy living here? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to share this gallery if you loved it! 
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