Get lost in the breathtaking stained glass adorning this home's windows

The William H. Smith House in Attleboro, Mass. is riddled with old-world charm. The 4,267  square-foot historic property was built in 1881 and features five bedrooms and three bathrooms, though many of its most stunning features are found in the common areas. 
It sits on .44 acres which are beautifully landscaped to match the aesthetic of both buildings on the property. A red, laid stone walkway leads up to front door and then along the edge of the house, complementing the earthy, red accent at the bottom of the home. 
A living room leads into a sitting room on the main level of the house, and pale seafoam-colored walls unify the space, making it feel almost like one giant room. A gold chandelier with golden ceiling molding in the sitting room coupled with the elaborate fireplace in the living room creates an air of elegance and grace in this large, open space. 
In the dining room, an even more ornate golden chandelier hangs from the wood-paneled ceiling that features exposed wooden beams and rich, bright wooden panels in between. 
Small stained glass windows grace the far wall facing the outside of the home. Bright yellows, oranges, and blues in the stained glass blend perfectly with the hearty colors of the wood detailing. 
The home features fifteen stained glass windows in total, but those painting the home's mahogany staircase with light are certainly the most magnificent. The colors are elegantly orchestrated to fade and blend beautifully, almost as if the oranges and yellows are melting into each other. 
At the top of the stairs, the spectacular wooden detailing continues with this built-in, floor to ceiling bookcase. 
One of the more charming bedrooms is painted in a pastel color similar to that of the living room and sitting room on the bottom floor of the house. This gentle color works wonders to complement the deep tones in the wood of the fireplace. With such dark woodworking in this home, light and bright colors help to keep the space warm and welcoming. 
At the back of the house, you'll find another old-world delight: a two-story carriage house with a cupola and wind vane on top! 
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