Marvel at the elegant woodworking that sets this waterfront majesty apart

Situated right on the waterfront of Mackerel Cove in Jamestown, RI. and perched upon 4.5 acres is the six-bedroom, five-bath Victorian featured in the gallery below. The exterior of the home is stone and dark shingle, perfectly tying it into the expansive natural environment that envelops the property. 
Windows wrap around the 5,642 square-foot home on all floors to provide incredible, unhindered views of the waterfront and surrounding grounds. A large, covered, wrap-around porch is the perfect place to enjoy warm summer afternoons. 
The entryway of the home features an exposed brick fireplace directly across from the stairway leading to the second floor.  
Walk straight ahead and you would find yourself a dining room with a smaller exposed brick fireplace that matches the one in the entryway. Golden crown moldings are the perfect match for the light, warm wood planeling above the fireplace as well as the wooden shutters. 
A sitting room is outfitted with yet another brick fireplace, but it is the exquisitely detailed and imposing woodworking that is the focal point in this space. 
Another small sitting area has minimalist furniture so as to keep the room open and airy. The woodworking in the alcove here quite closely mimics the woodworking found in the previous living room. 
Returning to the curved stairway that leads up to the second floor for a closer look reveals that the curved windows are outfitted with simple, yet elegant stained glass windows that flood the walkway with light. 
At first glance, the second-floor landing of the home looks almost like a wooden labyrinth with columns and doorways leading every which way. 
The woodworking is toned-down for a much simpler and sleeker look in the bedrooms. 
Some of the bedrooms even provide breathtaking view of the cove - could you imagine how wonderful it would be waking up to this every morning? 
An aerial view of the property shows just how large it is as well as the true expansiveness of the surrounding views. 
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