Look inside: 'Hill House' boasts beautiful exposed brick and stone wine cellar

The 'Hill House' featured in the gallery below has graced Parkton, MD. since 1850 - a whopping 166 years. Both the exterior and the interior of the home reveal its age, though the inside has been carefully updated for comfort while meticulously preserving the original architectural details that make it unique.
Nestled amongst a thriving landscape on 4.17 acres, the red brick frame of the Hill House stands in stark contrast to its surroundings. Tall, regal, white pillars around the front porch welcome you into the home.
Two sitting rooms sit on either side of the home's entryway, which is affixed with a beautiful crystal chandelier and leads up to an elegant, curved wooden staircase. 
Veer off into the sitting room to the left to find some classic, Victorian touches like a marble mantle around the fireplace and shelving built into the wall. The candelabras on the mantle are an exquisite touch! 
The sitting room to the right of the entryway features a more subtle, homey design with an exposed brick fireplace and huge double-doors that can be left open to broaden this room and give it more depth. 
The dining room is tucked into an oblong alcove with floor-to-ceiling windows, creating the perfect space for a large family to sit down to dine. A dark, carved mantle with gold detailing houses yet another fireplace. 
In the kitchen, one can really get a feel for how old meets new in this home. Stainless steel appliances shine beside the exposed brick wall behind the stove. 
Off to the side of the kitchen is another dining area, this one much smaller, and a more casual living room can be seen just through the doorway beyond the kitchen. Original hardwood floors remain, offsetting the modernness of the furniture and fixtures. 
Down below is a stone wine cellar that has some serious Old-World charm. The dark, rigid stone in the walls and the darkened bricks on the floor give off an almost medieval feel, illuminated by the ornate lantern hanging from the ceiling. This long, narrow space could easily hold over 100 bottles at a time! 
In sharp contrast to the apparent age of the cellar are the bedrooms upstairs which have clearly been updated for a sleeker look. Original floorboards and small touches like the windows above each bedroom door still remain, and these small touches help to unify the design aesthetic of the home between floors. 
A colonial garden rounds out the property, providing a tranquil retreat.
What do you think of this historic Maryland manor? Do you think the character has been preserved well over the 166 years since it was built? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this gallery if you loved it! 
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