Corvallis, OR Craftsman home would be the perfect home for an older couple

Portland is about as quirky a place as you can find, but for all its eccentricities, it's not far from plenty of places that, regardless of your origin, will feel familiar. That's the case with this Oregon Craftsman cottage, located in Corvallis. A bit over an hour out of the city, it's just far enough away from the hustle-and-bustle, while being near enough that it's all within reach. With just one bedroom, this 1,205 square foot home has a lot of living space.
It's easy to picture an older couple spending their golden years here — the climate's agreeable, the area is interesting, and it's affordable, too. The lovely hardwood door guarding the entrance gives us a glimpse as to what the accents throughout the house will be.
This first shot of the living room delivers more or what the front door promised — wonderfully rich wood trim, cabinets, and furniture. 
It's all tied together by a beautiful, small fireplace on the left side of the room. As expected, the mantel shelf borrows its looks from the other aspects of the house. The gray bricks provide a nice contrast of light and dark. 
While the kitchen doesn't have miles of counter space, it does have an appliance garage, which ensures that the counters will always be free of clutter. A central island helps to break up what would otherwise be a lot of open space.
Sure, the dining room is lovely (as seen below) — but we don't always want to eat breakfast where we ate dinner the night before, and that's where this breakfast nook comes in. There's certainly space for two, but potentially even more, depending on how close you are with your guests!
The hardwoods featured throughout the house really begin to shine in this room. On either side of the dining room table, we've got built-in shelving with glass doors. The bay windows help open up the space a bit. 
While the room below is currently set up as an office, there's definitely space in here for a bed, in case the house's one bedroom isn't quite enough for you. Another set of bay windows lets light shine down onto this cozy rocking chair — it'd be the perfect place to perch up and read on a Sunday evening. 
There's a lot happening in Oregon, so it's unlikely you'll be spending a ton of time in bed. However, regardless of how active you are, everyone needs rest, and this no-frills bedroom should do the trick!
The following picture gives a glimpse at the house's detached garage, and its intimate backyard & deck. If you're a garden grower, it looks like this yard gets plenty of afternoon sun, judging by the plants growing on the left side of the frame!
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