The porch, the wood, the windows, the light — what a great home to roam in

Savoring the simplest of moments can be a glorious experience. In Bluffton, S.C., they know a thing or two about that, acknowledging its importance in the homes they craft. No smart host wants to be out of the loop while friends sip, laugh or play a game. And what better way to persuade people to make themselves at home than to offer a sprawling porch, plump chairs and a kitchen open to all? 
This design gives a nod to those Southern nights one gives up some precious sleep to swing on the porch, drink sweet tea and shuffle a deck of cards until the wee hours. Soft, cushy pillows, and wood and wicker elements fit the mood.
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If the cool breeze makes one scoot inside, a cozy fire and welcoming seating await. The doors and front and side windows ensure the starlight is never far off. The living area is simply an extension of the covered porch. In other words ... divine.
When the hunger pangs hit, no need to go too far. The open space here doesn't feel like a concept, just cozy living. The wood ceiling and walls give the room a soothing sense of infinity. 
One can snack and chat with the chef with this setup. And yes, it is easy to amble back and forth from the counter to the table and even assist the cook if one so desires.
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Behind the counter a farmhouse sink and large working space make it easy for one or more to concoct creations but still be in the thick of things. A bar tucked away to the side is both tidy and accessible. Who wouldn't want one of those?
Balancing cooking and chopping and plating a meal? No problem in this efficient kitchen, where storage is plentiful but not more than one needs. And of course, it is simple to do cleanup, too.
When slumber calls, it feels as if nothing can disturb this bed chamber. Neutral tones let all the parts of the brain slow down their processing and guide you to a safe haven. Sweet dreams!
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Little windows in the bathroom add to the gleaming effect and how fun to splash around in the vintage-style bathtub. Better bring a good book. 
Few children's rooms tug on the heartstrings of an adult, but this is one of them. A bed under the window, shelving tucked into the slanting ceiling and a hideaway room to play in? What a charming way to grow up.
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Everyone seems to want a lot of devices and toys to amuse themselves, but finding a perfect place to call home and be yourself? It's the only way to live.
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