Check out how a family-friendly renovation transformed this 1830s townhouse

With three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths, this 19th-century farmhouse in rural Vermont had plenty of room for a family. But the layout, which had been created over decades as various owners added additions, wasn't working.
The current owners decide to totally change the interior, which was broken up into lots of small rooms. The kitchen was located at the far end of the home, so anyone cooking felt isolated. An attic went unused, and a powder room awkwardly opened into the dining room.
"It was like a rabbit warren," the new owner told This Old House magazine. "In the old days, small rooms meant you could shut off some and heat a smaller space. We wanted to open it up and think very hard about every square foot." 
A new, open floor plan connects the kitchen to an eating nook and the dining room.
The family added new cabinets to the living room to maximize storage, control clutter and keep the TV out of view.
The master bath was redone to add plenty of storage and bright, modern color palette.
A coat of soft gray paint and light from the French doors add a sense of spaciousness to the master bedroom.
The new mudroom has built-in shelving that keeps shoes, backpacks and sporting gear organized.
All together, the changes made the farmhouse far more efficient and enjoyable for a family of four. Before beginning any renovation, the wife advises other homeowners to think hard about how each room will be used. "Think about the kind of family you want and how the space can support it," she told This Old House.
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