300-year-old historic farmhouse still stands, check out the restored interior

This remarkable old farmhouse was originally built in the 1700s according to its property listing, but undoubtedly it's been renovated and restored so much over the years that it's hard to tell what parts (if any) of the original structure remain. However, one thing is clear: the home is a wonderful homage to old-fashioned country homes. Let's take a walk through and check it out.
The living area is bright and open thanks to the nearly floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around the perimeter of the room.
The kitchen, also connected to the living room, also shares in the ample light.
The dining room features more traditional  waist-up windows and also relishes in antiquity with it's older furniture. A chandelier hangs above a group of flowers, both of which add color to the room. 
This upstairs room features a triangular roof and even features its own fireplace. A giant rug sprawls over the hardwood floors, really bringing the room together.
The home's bedrooms are simple, but the bright hardwood floors help feel the rooms from being monochromatic and boring.
The bathroom features an antique tub with a curtain for extra privacy. 
This aerial photograph shows off the beautiful land that surrounds the house, including access to a nearby river with a private pier. 
The 6400-square-foot home sits on over 50 acres of land -- it's the perfect place to enjoy a private slice of heaven. Even more photos of the home and it's surrounded estate can be found on the Gayle Harvey Real Estate website.
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