French farmhouse has American Colonial style

This quaint French farmhouse looks like it was plucked out of the east coast of the United States -- it has a Colonial-style that is very similar to American homes. The farmhouse's exterior features a front porch, pointed roof, and white walls with black shutters -- all staples of the American farmhouse. The interior of the home, however, is where the European influences become more apparent.
The porch of the house features a small table -- it's the perfect place for Sunday morning brunches!
Inside, the kitchen and dining room are open and combined into a big space. The white chairs of the dining room are heavily contrasted with the wooden floors.
The home's study features a library with a ladder -- Beauty and the Beast style!
The farmhouse is mostly white, but it's not boring -- the cream furniture and accents, like this mirror frame, help bring color into the rooms.
A small end table cleverly hides the radiator heater in this guest bedroom.
The master bedroom is peaceful and calming, the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day's work. 
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