12 farmhouse tables and dining rooms you'll love

There's something comforting about the look of farmhouses. The bright lighting, light tones and simple designs make these spaces feel like home. Creating a unique space in country-inspired kitchen or dining room can be a bit tricky. While there are certain elements that pull the design space together, creating your own unique twist on the theme is a fun way to personalize your home. 
Check out a few of these charming farmhouse-inspired rooms. These personalized designs may just give you an idea (or five) for turning your own space into a great place to entertain family and friends. Pay attention to color and little elements that truly set the design apart.  
Clean and Cozy
This design relies heavily on white and pastel shades to brighten up a smaller dining space. The long bench with underneath storage is a simple way to create additional seating without taking up extra floor space. The antique lantern adds a touch of elegance to the otherwise simple design. 
Artsy Country
Try this fun design to add color and personality to a  longer dining table.  Reupholstering natural wood chairs with a fun pattern will brighten up a room and make a one-of-a-kind dining area. The fun lighting element is a great focal point for this room and creates a clear separation between the dining and living areas. 
Elegant Country
When decorating, most people add color to the furniture or decorative pieces. This fun twist turns design on its head by concentrating much of the color on the floor. We love how the fading lie on the looks like it melted to the floor. Touches of Victorian-inspired decor  (including that stunning china cabinet) make this look elegant. 
Family Friendly Farm
This long table is perfect for large families. We love that the chairs aren't matchy-matchy. The slide-under bench adds plenty of seating space, but tucks away under the table when it's not needed. The simple table runner with flowers is a simple way to keep the room looking put together since it's one of the first spaces visitors see when they walk in. (Try subbing those vases with mason jars for a country twist). 
Contemporary Dining Space
This design was created with family in mind. "In the dining room, we created a space where this family and their loved ones could comfortably gather around the table and share meals with plenty of elbow room. We installed cabinetry for storage by the back door and a built-in bench seat with additional storage underneath," Magnolia wrote. 
Sweet and simple
This sleek table is perfect for smaller spaces. The dark stain of the floor helps highlight some of the dark grain in the wood table. Offsetting all of the dark with medium and light grays is a great way to brighten up the space without it feeling like too much of a contrast. The minimalist design works feels elegant. The style of this table feels more like a picnic table, but the elegant wood choices make it perfect for formal dining. Instructions for building your own can by found at Ana White.
DIY Wonder
Believe it or not, this table is a DIY project! Heidi built this table from the plans above, making a few adjustments to fit her family's needs. The fold-down ends are easy to tuck away, but create additional space as needed. A large centerpiece is a great way to add color. Using an over-sized bowl for the centerpiece is an excellent choice because the table is so large. 
Mix and Match
There's something to be said for creating a look that is so mismatched it looks like it matches. The colors of the chairs are similar in that they are all pastel. The washed-look pulls the design together. "My heart goes all pitter-patter over mismatched fabrics, worn out furniture, anything patchwork, pieces that have been loved, chippy paint – things that have a story.  I want my house, even though its fairly new, to look like it has a story to tell," Sweet Pickens wrote. 
Crisp and Clean
The dark wood, curved chairs, and white accent pieces really make this table pop. All white accents remind you of freshly washed linens while the dark wood gives the whole room a warm, earthy feel. The light fixture is simple, but eye-catching. The thick table is heavy, paired with slightly lighter-looking chairs for a great contrast. 
Breakfast Nook
The traditional style of this farm table is offset by the modern stain of the wood. The contrast of the white wood wall is a simple way to set this area apart. A simple planter box with herbs or a miniature plant is a fun way to bring the outside in, and it mirrors the light fixture, which helps create a more uniform design. 
Eye Catching Dining
They really took the style literally. The extra long bench is a cool feature, that adds to the outdoor feel of this natural-wood table. Because the tale is so long, using large plants as a centerpiece is a fun way to offset the size of the table. 
Wooden Haven
The amount of wood in this space could easily be overwhelming, but the varying shades of stain help create some breathing room. Pair with lighter walls and light colored accent furniture pieces and this space feels country and Victorian. The large colored plants are an easy way to add a pop of natural color to this dining area. 
Which table is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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