9 gorgeous farmhouse bathrooms that embody simple elegance

Though you probably spend most of your time elsewhere, a nice-looking bathroom is still an essential part of a home. In fact, according to HGTV, bathrooms can make or break a deal when you are attempting to sell your home, since renovating a bathroom can be such a big undertaking. One way to avoid future hassles if you ever decide to sell your home is to go with a farmhouse style bathroom. 
Farmhouse style bathrooms embrace simplicity. Bead boards, open shelving, tile, stone and lots of wood make the style simple, yet elegant. Here are nine gorgeous farmhouse bathroom ideas that you won’t want to miss. 
White, when used in conjunction with wooden accents in a farmhouse-style bathroom, gives all who enter the illusion of space and openness. 
In a farmhouse-style bathroom, muted colors actually make a bathroom "pop." The contrasts of an ash-colored wooden sink cabinet with an ivory bowl sink sitting atop it is simply stunning.
A farmhouse-style bathroom doesn't have to be complicated. A farmhouse tub, an antique rug and an old hutch buffet for storage are all you need to pull off the look.  
A wire basket hanging on the wall adds additional storage space, while an animal skull adds to the rustic, natural look of a farmhouse bathroom. 
Furniture roughly hewn from pieces of wood can add charm to any farmhouse-style bathroom.
Dark stained wood and tiles, whether added to the ceiling or used on the sink cabinet, help pull off the classic, contrasting farmhouse-style look. 
A bathtub backsplash made entirely out of wood is an easy way to add farmhouse charm to a bathroom. 
Farmhouse style is all about simplicity and storage. A multi-tiered shelf adds lots of storage space and functionality to a farmhouse bathroom. 
A shelf above an old claw-style tub adds a place to put things you'll need in the tub and a basket on the floor adds storage space for towels and washcloths. 
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