Fall in love with this timeless country Victorian

Nestled in the heart of northwest Missouri, this Sedalia country home has classic character with luxurious amenities. When the owner decided to remodel the house in 2016, he maintained the distinctive characteristics that define Victorian architecture while adding modern touches. The result is a home that combines the best elements of traditional and contemporary design -- a restyled cottage that maintains its vintage appeal.
Although it was built in 1932, the updated house contains many of its original features. Guests can still enjoy the beauty of the existing staircase and original hardwood floors while touring the remodeled property. The new owners will have full access to 21st-century conveniences while relishing the timeless elegance of their new home.
As soon as you step through the front door, you are struck by the coziness of the updated foyer. The crisp cream walls feature beautiful artwork. There is plenty of natural light, and the contemporary table lamp adds a subtle glow to help newcomers instantly feel at home. 
The living room features the best elements of contemporary design while staying true to the home’s Victorian roots. With beautiful picture windows that open up to the veranda, guests can sit in one of the many armchairs and recline on paisley pillows to enjoy the view.
In an east-meets-west setting, the dining room uses ambient light and multinational pieces to add a unique flair to this traditional home. 
The kitchen is full of modern amenities to transform any homeowner into a budding chef. With under-cabinet lighting, new fixtures and a combined island-bar, the kitchen lets you entertain guests while mixing their drinks.
After an extensive remodel, the bathroom maintains its traditional appeal while benefiting from some modern touches. The multicolored tile and blue walls add color, and the shower and pedestal sink give a nod to the original architecture.
With lavender and gray accents, this master bedroom shows off the best features of the Victorian home.
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