Bring in the decorator for this glamorous Dallas modern farmhouse

If you need to design a house for a new development, what would you choose? Architects face the challenge of coming up with ideas that both fit empty lots and blend in with yet-to-be-built neighboring houses. But this modern farmhouse house in Dallas, Texas, is the perfect combination of down-home country style and upscale city glamor.
Maestri LLC architectural firm conceived of this 3,600 square foot modern house for its client's new gated community. The gabled roof and wide from porch say Farmhouse while the entranceway is oversized Craftsman style. Abundant windows, spacious halls, and luxurious bathrooms will thrill the interior decorator who gets to design the insides.
Keeping with Southern aesthetics, the wide front porch opens directly into the large living space. The semi-enclosed kitchen hides behind the wooden stairs, but is front and center to take on entertaining duties. 
Here's another view of the kitchen. The island is an interesting mix of cupboards and stone top -- but with chiseled wooden legs. The modern pendant lights hold their breath for the gourmet meals that will be sculpted here.
Queue the banquet table. As with everything else in this house, the dining room is large enough to serve a huge party. Notice the French door that opens into the back yard.
The rectangular ceiling moulding is the only visual element to break up the space, and leads your eyes to the far wall's focal point: the fireplace. Floor-length windows will doubtlessly feature large curtains to keep the insides private from the adjacent street.
A room or a hallway? The upstairs landing-slash-library will display books, objets d'art, and maybe even a sitting area. Hotel lobby style meets personal comfort. 
That master bathroom wouldn't be complete without copious amounts fo marble. A spa-like built-in bathtub, glass shower enclosure, and plenty of counter space allow two (or more) to share a bathroom without being in each other's way.
The architects designed this house to look stunning from any angle. That's especially important because it's on a corner lot, so many pairs of eyes will be admiring it. 
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