True countryside living – A stunning home in the heart of Hertfordshire

If there was ever a property to romanticize countryside living, it is this fully renovated bungalow set in 50 acres of land in a quiet corner of Hertfordshire. According to Joanna Simmons from Houzz, this 1970s property comes complete with “stables and pasture land,” making it a countryside dream!
The house itself has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, an upstairs, a converted barn and a newly added porch to add to the countryside feel. The exterior of the property has been painted in an off-white color, making it stand out among its gorgeous green surroundings.
As you enter the house, you are greeted with a huge open space, where the dining room is separated from the living room with a stunning partition wall that houses a double-sided wood stove. In the large modern space, this beautiful centerpiece draws the rooms together and ensures a warm and cozy atmosphere. The rustic oak doors keep out the wind, and the two rooms are decorated with warm colors, books and CDs, which give the open spaces character and personality.
The semi-open-plan design continues through the kitchen, which is next to the dining room. With an original butler’s sink and a composite tile floor made to look like stone, the kitchen has a fantastically rural feel, yet remains modern with features such as the colored backsplash that sits behind the stovetop. 
To add even more character to this rural property, a library looks out over the pastures, and as Joanna Simmons from Houzz states, the double glass doors allow the room to be “flooded with light.” Filled with a variety of books, warm colors and a comfortable sofa, this library ensures anyone who visits will not want to leave. 
As you head to the downstairs master bedroom, you are drawn in by its relaxing atmosphere, which is everything you would want from your sleeping chamber.  The wood shelves placed above the bed are not only used for practical purposes but also act as a statement and centerpiece for the room, adding character. The armchairs in the corner also suggest that this bedroom is not just a place to sleep but also a room to relax in throughout the day. 
As you enter the bathroom, you find another room that highlights the beauty of blending modern design with an old countryside property. The statement pink bathtub is stunningly bold and exudes both confidence and elegance. 
The upstairs bedrooms are exactly the same size, and the sloped ceilings give them a cozy feel. Yet the large window and cool colors of lilac and soft grey ensure this bedroom doesn’t feel small or claustrophobic. The best aspect of the room, however, is quite simply the view. The stunning 50 acres of land and English countryside are something to wake up to and admire each morning. 
Finally, what makes a countryside property more traditional than a converted barn? The stables to the left of the house have been transformed into an office, complete with a desk, sofa and a collection of portraits to add character to the room. This converted space is the perfect location to escape from the world, while being surrounded by the beauty of nature. 
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