You've got to see this charming Alabama farmhouse

Nestled in the picturesque southern country, this homestead is a beautifully restored 1917 farmhouse with truly unique features. Located in Anderson, Alabama, this historic country home represents country living at its best. Featuring four bedrooms and an expansive foyer, the farmhouse also boasts an absolutely gorgeous wraparound porch. And with such idyllic views of the country all around, who wouldn't want to kick back and relax?
With immaculately manicured lawns and several shade-giving trees, this lawn is sure to please both children and gardeners alike. 
Hardwood accents, traditional furnishings, and ornate metalwork all work together in this pastoral home to create a one-of-a-kind homestead. It's special details such as this front door that make this country home such a special place. 
Original components such as gleaming hardwood floors and high, twelve-foot ceilings combine to create an ideal entertaining and relaxing space within the home. A fireplace ensures that all family gatherings will be warm and cozy. 
One of the most notable aspects of this 2,166 square-foot home is this elegant hallway, in which a sparkling chandelier takes center stage. This country home serves to show that farmhouse life and historical glamor certainly can, and do, complement each other well. 
The two-toned wall paneling in this bathroom embodies two classic rustic aesthetics: rich brown wood paneling and classic white-washed wood that is reminiscent of country picket fences. 
The master bedroom incorporates some of the best architectural elements seen throughout the house. High ceilings, warm hardwood floors, shining chandeliers, and a crackling fireplace are all featured in this suite, creating the ultimate blend of historical character and comfort. 
A second bedroom is exquisitely furnished with antique pieces hand-curated to fit the aesthetic of this historic property. An old wooden ladder and vintage shoe-shop floor mirror are whimsical and unique touches that complete this room's charming look. 
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