Take a walk through this Kentucky farmhouse -- it's a piece of history

Located in Jamestown, Kentucky, this country home is as historic as it is beautiful. Dating back to 1875, this 3,440 square-foot home features 4 beds, 3 baths, and a flawless combination of historical characteristics and modern updates. 
In 1798, the Phelps Family settled on this land after living at Fort Boonesborough with Daniel Boone, where they helped to settle Kentucky. The original home built on this land was a log cabin, situated next to a tranquil, still-existing natural spring. The frame of the original log house still stands today, albeit updated and expanded upon, and helps to give this southern farmhouse its abundance of charm. 
This gorgeous farmhouse features an expansive front porch, and both indoor and outdoor fireplaces for warmth and entertainment all year round. The views from the front porch are picturesque, as the original farm consisted of over 600 acres of idyllic farmland. 
Bright pops of color add an extra dimension to this porch. Vivid scarlet rocking chairs provide an ideal place to sit back and relax after a long day at the lake- did we mention that Lake Cumberland is only a few minutes away?
The classic formal dining room features the original hardwood flooring that can be seen throughout the home. In addition, tall windows allow for ample natural light. 
Gleaming hardwood accents and a large fireplace make this spacious room a great spot for relaxing or entertaining. High ceilings are accented by colorful light fixtures to add warmth and depth to the room. 
The four bedrooms throughout this southern farmhouse are perfect for displaying family heirlooms. An antique spinning wheel, coupled with the rustic floors in this room, hearkens back to a simpler, slower way of life. 
Creative home decor can be used to truly embrace the historic character of this home. For example, a hardwood dresser and an antique sewing machine used as a mirror stand are two unique and traditional pieces that really shine in this home. 
Updated bathrooms provide the luxuries of daily living while the rest of the home showcases its history. The rich red color of the walls here is an echo of the vibrant red rocking chairs on the porch, tying the many rooms of this house together. 
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