Walk through this remarkably modern Missouri farmhouse 

One of the most distinctive features of classic farmhouses are the large porches that often wrap around the base of the building. Architectural design company Hufft Projects wanted to introduce the classic farmhouse porch into a modern design, and they ended up creating the "porch house," a Springfield, MO home that puts a modern twist on the traditional country farmhouse.
The home features a remarkably beautiful oversized porch. Unlike classic farmhouses, the porch features no vertical support beams -- a design choice that gives it a distinctly modern look.
Besides the unique porch, the home also features an oversized chimney that gives the side of the home a very distinct look.
While the house is undeniably modern, the home's owners have allowed some rustic aesthetic to influence their interior design -- such as these twin longhorn skulls mounted near the side door.
The kitchen is minimalistic and understated -- clean color schemes and simple furniture allow the home's architecture to take center stage.
A bold chandelier inspired by animal bone hangs above the dining room table. Large windows allow light to pour into the home, minimizing the need for interior lighting.
The bathroom design is incredibly modern, with large windows net to the square tub.
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