Iowa City farmhouse blends with tradition with cozy comfort

With more than one gabled roof and a long, wrap-around columned porch, from far away, this Iowa City farmhouse looks like it was built a hundred or more years ago. Up close, its pristine trim and sustainable metal-roof indicate the modern design that girds this home's farm style with the freshness of modern style.
Trend watchers and design experts, Iowa builders (and brothers), Terry and Joe Stebral observe the latest building and design trends and work to bring them into harmony with a homeowner's dream concepts. Their blog post states that "Mid-century modern is now twenty-first century chic in furniture, elevation design, and detailing." In this farmhouse, key elements like weathered wood  and sliding barn doors are bonded with geometric patterns and mid-century modern color touches. 
The open-concept kitchen/living room hosts rich mahogany wood beams, contrasting a honey-speckled wood surround of the custom range hood. Bright white cabinetry, trim work and door frames synthesize the warmer country elements to the starker lines of chairs, barstools and chandelier.
A kitchen with a view of the wood-burning fireplace is only rivaled by the view of the rich land outside, its scenery let in at every possible angle, as windows abound throughout this home.
Charcoal paint adds a luxury to the dining room, without added indulgence. China white plates are framed in a nod to shabby chic and farm country dining. To keep from fussiness, the Shaker-like chandelier is elegant in its simplicity.
In the country, the mess of the outdoors can quickly come inside. With smart shelving over most of the wall space and chevron-laid tiles, a mud room protects the home from the residue of the elements.
Double doors open wide to the grand entry. An antique buffet seems at ease with the mid-century modern rug and metal accents.
White-washing reclaimed boards and repurposing them as finished walls is as trendy as it's sustainable. This look keeps the farmhouse style and creates lasting wall art of artisanal flair.
In calming tones of twilight and sable, the master bedroom repeats the modern meets farmhouse theme, blending a sliding barn door, repainted bed stand and modern patterns on the rug and a throw pillows.
Behind the barn door, a large, modern bathroom is done up in sophisticated colors of french white and inky black. A mirror reflects the subway tiled shower.
In a little girl's room, baby's breath pink walls melt into the ivory-framed windows with scalloped shades.
Converging the indoors with the outdoors, every available wall space is given over to windows which let in the full sight lines of the country landscape. Concrete porch floors and squared lighting complete the modern design.
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