Craftsman-styled cottage blends traditional charm with modern sensibilities

On the outskirts of Seattle, Washington, lies a tiny housing community that is any suburban life lover's dream. Greenwood Avenue Cottages, nine miles away from downtown Seattle, provide the perfect home for someone who wishes to live a peaceful, green life without straying too far away from civilization. Among the eight houses that make up the commune, Sundown Cottage is one of the loveliest and brightest, a stellar specimen in both exterior and interior design.
Though the home, recently on sale, was sold to a lucky family this month according to the Cottage Company's Facebook page, nothing's stopping us from taking a little virtual tour of beautiful Sundown – the actual house's name, as it is a tradition for this "pocket neighborhood" company to have its homeowners name their houses.
Though the home's luxuriant garden requires a bit of upkeep, it makes for a lush, colorful facade that'll immediately help any guest feel at ease in a harmonious, natural environment.
The front porch boasts a dutch door, which allows for light and air to be filtered in while keeping rambunctious children and pets from running out. In addition, the house's designated name is carved into a post near the entrance, marking its identity like a proud ship.
The porch also includes a sitting area, complete with a coffee table and cushions to enjoy the sunlight and greenery.
The spacious living room features a unique element, potentially one of the most original in this house: A shelf which also serves as a doorway to the dining area, through the use of a sizable arch. The large shelves allow for both storage and extra decorative elements as they line the entrance to the mealtime headquarters.
A relatively small area, the dining room's wooden paneling and its view of the lovely neighboring gardens help give it a cozy countryside feel.
Every space is used in this clever kitchen, allowing for both convenience and a simple charm thanks to its warm yet balanced colors.
Though the house's name is Sundown, its true splendor lies in the sheer amount of light that its many windows allow into the house, leaving very few areas unaffected.
The house has three bedrooms, one of which can easily be converted to an office or entertainment area if needed.
The lower level also boasts an open room that can be used as a small office or even a walk-in closet, with the mirror above the desk making for a great vanity.
The lower floor bedroom is a little more basic and makes for a great guest room if you'd rather keep the gorgeous views all to yourself. We wouldn't blame you.
The beautiful house's roof is equipped with a 2.2 KW photovoltaic array for an ecological bonus, and the included garage and basement round out all the features you'll ever need from this splendid home.
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