Traditional Farmhouses
You've got to see this charming Alabama farmhouse
Featuring four bedrooms and an expansive foyer, the farmhouse also boasts an absolutely gorgeous wraparound porch.......
By Kate Dickie
Traditional Farmhouses
A country home nestled in the quiet of an island retreat
As the mighty Mississippi River branches around Minnesota's historic Nicollet Island, this charming country home lies unabashed on its westward-facing curve....
By Michelle Krueger
Traditional Farmhouses
Tour through this farmhouse for artists and dreamers in great sky country
In Idaho's wild and open country, a farmhouse with sweeping views is tucked between mountains and the popular Snake River....
By Michelle Krueger
Modern Farmhouses
A modern farmhouse in Iowa opens minds as well as hearts
While modern design elements define this farmhouse, echoes of rural style and Iowa roots are evident in many details -- from its barn-red front door to......
By Michelle Krueger
Farmhouse Tours
You'll be instantly cheered by this bright, darling farmhouse
After buying a farmhouse out of foreclosure, a family with five kids created a beautiful and bright sanctuary....
By Brigid Sweeney
Traditional Farmhouses
The Green Mount Farmhouse is A Must-See
Located in the lushly green St. Stephen's Church, VA, the property known as Green Mount is an oasis situated on 85 acres of gorgeous country farmland....
By Kate Dickie
Farmhouse Floor Plans
7 farmhouse floor plans to help you plan the perfect home
Farmhouse living ideas...
By Erica Young
Country Home Tours
Craftsman cottage offers an enviable escape from reality
Craftsman homes first started popping up just after the turn of the 20th century in Southern California......
By August West
Country Home Tours
New York 4-bedroom home has fine wood detailing throughout 
The facade is deceptively humble....
By Maximilien Weinstein
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