Traditional Farmhouses
Iowa City farmhouse blends with tradition with cozy comfort
With more than one gabled roof and a long, wrap-around columned porch, from far away, this Iowa City farmhouse looks like it was built a hundred or more years ago....
By Michelle Krueger
Traditional Farmhouses
An unusual barn shape adds character to a Red Wing farmhouse
Built in 1914, this trim, round barn was designed to be an efficient space for dairy cattle. Years later, when the farm was purchased to build a bed and breakfast......
By Michelle Krueger
Traditional Farmhouses
View this beautiful colonial home decorated in a rustic farmhouse style
However, despite the busyness of life, Karen has designed a home that is immediately welcoming and also restful....
By Leanne Groening
Traditional Farmhouses
View this Rustic Glam Oregon Farmhouse
The lighting fixtures add depth to the design as......
By Leanne Groening
Country Home Tours
Coastal ambience lights up renovated Craftsman bungalow
A 1918 Craftsman bungalow embraces the coastal light with flair ......
By Debbie Guadan
Farmhouse Tours
A peek inside a charming Virginia farmhouse 
This farmhouse may look modest from outside, but there's nothing shy about its grand interior....
By Henry Cannon
Slow Cooker Dessert
How to make slow cooker berry cobbler (video)
It's easy to rely on your slow cooker when it comes to main meals, but fewer people think of how versatile it is when it comes to dessert....
By Laura Martin
Farmhouse Floor Plans
Explore your layout options with these 6 wonderful farmhouse floorplans
Farmhouse layouts with all sorts of options...
By Erica Young
Traditional Farmhouses
Take a closer look at this farmhouse in rural Utah
Sara has fashioned a home filled with repurposed, reclaimed and restored items that bring depth and interest to every room....
By Leanne Groening
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