Farmhouse Floor Plans
7 farmhouse layouts you will love
When you think of a farmhouse exterior the quintessential wraparound porch comes to mind. Other elements include simple and organic materials like lap siding......
By Erica Young
Traditional Farmhouses
Take a peek into this vibrant country farmhouse
Vibrant, floral window treatments provide the perfect color palette for this cheery......
By Leanne Groening
Country Home Tours
Step inside this wood-trimmed cottage: its open-spaced layout is pure perfection
Every room is taken to the next level with the design of the ceilings....
By Maximilien Weinstein
Farmhouse Style Decor
9 ideas on how to repurpose 'found' items into rustic design pieces for your home
Looking for a way to update your décor? Have a few old items lying around? Here are some ideas for repurposing those old items into something fabulous....
By Lauren Kurtz
Country Home Tours
Sunlight streams in, illuminating the charms of this Craftsman home
When the sunlight streams, it illuminates all this home's charms....
By Debbie Guadan
Farmhouse Tours
Arlington Farmhouse gets restored
This wonderful Farmhouse was in the process of being cleaned when its owners made a wonderful discovery ......
By Johnny Ornelas
Farmhouse Floor Plans
Be inspired by these 6 farmhouse layouts
What does your dream home look like? Do you picture watching the sunset from your wide, wraparound porch?...
By Erica Young
Farmhouse Floor Plans
6 layout designs for your fantasy farmhouse
Dreamy farmhouse layouts...
By Erica Young
Farmhouse Tours
A peek inside a charming Virginia farmhouse 
This farmhouse may look modest from outside, but there's nothing shy about its grand interior....
By Henry Cannon
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