Farmhouse Tours
South Carolina Farmhouse oozes with charm
South Carolina has its fair share of beautiful country homes, and a perfect example is this wonderful Charleston Farmhouse. When it was originally purchased, the home was only 450 square feet. Architect Heather A. Wilson eventually expanded on the ho...
By Johnny Ornelas
Traditional Farmhouses
Take a stroll through this spacious, clean, and simple coastal Farmhouse
This 4400 square foot home is a combination of various floor plans tweaked to cater to the family's needs....
By Leanne Groening
Traditional Farmhouses
Restored 1846 Farmhouse Next to Shenandoah River
While the farmhouse retains all of its historic charm, such as its wood flooring and five working fireplaces, it has been updated in order to make it a comfortable living......
By Kate Dickie
Farmhouse Floor Plans
7 farmhouse floor plans to help you plan the perfect home
Farmhouse living ideas...
By Erica Young
Traditional Farmhouses
Step into this Washington farmhouse and see its remarkable 
The exterior of the house is built on a vast expanse of Washington farmland. The Horning family's farmhouse design isn't just for show...
By Johnny Ornelas
Traditional Farmhouses
This 1900 Farmhouse is a Rustic Paradise
When old oak trees, wide farmhouse porches, and rocking chairs collide, there's really only one thing to do: grab a glass of iced tea and enjoy it!...
By Kate Dickie
Farmhouse Tours
Indiana farmhouse has a wonderful amount of charm
This 40-acre Indiana Farmhouse sits just 20 minutes from the Notre Dame campus. The house is a 3700-square-foot traditional farmhouse -- complete with wraparound porch and pointed roof......
By Johnny Ornelas
Farmhouse Style Decor
7 quaintly vintage appliances that will take your farmhouse back in time
We live in a stainless steel world where all of our appliances are built-in or ceramic topped, our fridges area massive and everything matches perfectly. But appliances weren’t always like that....
By Candace Osmond
Country Home Tours
Long Beach bungalow is an eclectic mix of interior styles
Long Beach, California is home to many special homes......
By Chris Ternate
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