Sunny craftsman home with modern upgrades is the best of every world

The First Addition of Lake Oswego, Oregon, should consider itself proud to be the neighborhood where this stunning two-floor house was built. Perfect for a large family, the home is a mere half hour away from downtown Portland, for a perfect suburban living situation with easy access to the city. Built in 2006, the home is a beacon of light for its street.
With a 6,000-square-foot lot according to Zillow, this place is incredibly roomy. The sheer amount of space inside makes for a treat for the more claustrophobic suburbanites. 
The warm yellow facade is complemented by large pillars surrounding the inviting front porch. While the lower floor's exterior walls are made of wood paneling, the upper level is visibly composed of painted bricks.
The living room features an enormous amount of space, with four large windows on a single side, shining plenty of natural light into the area.
An imposing fireplace rules over the geometrical room, with built-in cupboards surrounding it.
The kitchen counters wrap around the corner in a seamless way, blending into the common room and providing a seating area for easy dining or company.
Windows line the walls of the dining area near the kitchen. The built-in exhaust hood above the stove is a large, eye-popping feature.
The master bedroom is just as spacious as the living room, but is kept simple in this listing, with a very neutral, restful color scheme.
Perfectly tailored for a married couple, this ingenious bathroom features two identical sets of sinks and mirrors separated by a row of cabinets and drawers so both spouses can get their day started – or wrap it up – together.
The media room is designed so large groups can gather to cheer over the next big ball game, or watch the season premiere of that show you and your friends love.
Perhaps the most striking feature in this house is actually outside, on the back porch: A stone fireplace on the porch itself, with wood benches and a table nearby, allows for a cozy nighttime gathering when you want to enjoy the fresh air but the low temperatures are getting in the way.
With a backyard this large, the possibilities for expansion are limitless. Or you could just lie down in the grass, right in the middle, and soak up the sun.
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