Long Beach bungalow is an eclectic mix of interior styles

Oftentimes, the dilemma with owning an older home is what to do with the interior. Do you keep the classic elements of the home that may be a bit dated but still have a lot of character? Do you gut the entire interior to create a modern home, just keeping the exterior the same? Or do you do a combination of both? 
This three bedroom Long Beach, California home did the latter. Keeping some of the home's nearly 100-year-old interior design elements the same, the homeowners updated the kitchen. However, the brilliance in the home's interior look is that classic and modern elements are blended seamlessly in a 1,351 square foot three bedroom home!
Though the exterior of this house and its porch are gray, this home's interior isn't dull or boring at all.
Upon entering, you can see the house's well-preserved details. Heavy wood moldings have endured the test of time.
The short fireplace, built-in shelving and cabinets that run along the walls give the house a wide-open, spacious feel.
Transitioning into the dining room, a built in credenza, and added shelving gives the dining room some classic character.
When you get into the kitchen though, marble floors, modern cabinets and updated appliances give this kitchen a modern feel.
However, despite the modern update, the kitchen still fits with the house's overall interior style. 
It also features a nice wrap around counter space for eating lunch or even doing work in the kitchen.
Heading into the backyard, the house has a quaint brick lined backyard perfect for entertaining guests outside.
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