Vermont Farmhouse offers unique bedroom

This absolutely charming Farmhouse apartment is located on a 10-acre plot of green rolling hills in Vermont. The apartment is filled with old-fashioned charm including a wood stove that has pipes running throughout. Outside of the apartment, guests are treated to breathtaking views of the Vermont countryside.
Stepping inside the apartment is like stepping into a more simple time. The functional wood stove makes for a beautiful focal centerpiece. Large area rugs give the room warmth despite the hardwood floors.
The kitchen is filled with modern appliances, but the hanging lights keep the house from feeling too new.
A large double doorway opens up next to a cozy breakfast nook, perfect for intimate brunches on sunny days.
The home's biggest treat comes from the master bedroom, where an exposed furnace marks the center of the room.
Large windows line the slanted ceilings and bask the room in rays of sunshine.
It's impossible to be sad while admiring the 10 acres of Vermont wilderness that surround the Farmhouse. 
Those looking to spend a night in this abode can do so by renting it via AirBnB. The apartment comes with enough space for 3 guests and a pet, and costs $140 a night.
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After buying a farmhouse out of foreclosure, a family with five kids created a beautiful and bright sanctuary.
November 21   ·