Classic Farmhouse gets modern makeover

This Farmhouse-style cottage is the envy of Julia, the writer behind the home and lifestyle blog Hooked on Houses. Julia found a floorplan that she loved, called the Sugarberry Cottage, and she's been tracking down houses across the country that use that particular floorplan. When she saw this variation, built in Prospect, Kentucky, she instantly fell in love.
On her blog, Julia noticed how all of the Sugarberry Cottage homes had differences that made them unique, even though they were all based on the same floorplan. One difference she pointed out was the fireplace. This Kentucky home has brick going all the way up the wall.
Exposed wood beams match the hardwood floors and accents from the chandelier in the living room. The first floor is completely open -- there are no walls between the kitchen, living room, and dining table. 
The kitchen is simple and elegant. A marble-topped island is a perfect place to prepare meals or have a casual breakfast. 
The rear entrance features this mudroom for removing wet shoes and jackets during seasons with rain and snow.
The master bedroom features a double door walkway into the bathroom.
The house may be based on a classic Farmhouse design, but this bathroom is full of modern charm.
Outside, the open porch features a swing and strong pillars. Unlike many other Farmhouses we've featured, this Kentucky home is close to other houses in a close-knit neighborhood. 
For more pictures of this marvelous Farmhouse, check out Julia's blog, and be sure to share this dream home with your friends on Facebook.
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