Farmhouse features restored 70-year-old stove

This lovely Lousiana Farmhouse is more than anyone could ever ask for: it's absolutely beautiful on the outside and the inside is oozing with charm and style. The house is less than 1700 square feet, small for a Farmhouse style home, but every inch of the home's interior is utilized in a way that allows the house to feel more spacey than it actually is. The house belongs to Brittany, the author of the Duchess of York. Brittany writes about home improvement and lifestyle tips on her blog.
The house welcomes you with a bright, cheery pastel blue door. A metal roof, black shutters, and a large porch give the home its Farmhouse credentials. 
The front door invites guests into the living room, a wonderful room that is a perfect mixture of casual and formal. Metal shop chairs feel right at home under a glass chandelier. 
The kitchen's chop block island features hooks for pans, freeing up the need for excessive cabinet  space. 
Behind the island lies this wonderful 70-year-old restored stove and oven. Brittany went through great lengths to return this appliance to its former glory.
Each chair in the dining room is different, adding to the casual Farmhouse vibe of the entire estate. 
The master bedroom features a distressed wooden window frame above the bed -- a reminder of the era the Farmhouse is meant to emulate.
The children's room is much more modern, but the imperfections in the wooden beds keep the room from feeling out of place.
The bathroom has a chandelier! 
The side of the house features a screened patio for keeping the bugs out. Wooden furniture meshes perfectly with the checkered pillows. 
The Farmhouse even sits next to a pasture! Nothing says a Farmhouse quite like grazing cattle.
Brittany couldn't be happier with her Farmhouse. On her blog, she wrote "I seriously have to pinch myself every morning because it's been such a dream. And I am so incredibly thankful." 
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After buying a farmhouse out of foreclosure, a family with five kids created a beautiful and bright sanctuary.
November 21   ·