Step out of the car and gasp — this home's angle? It's all about fabulous views

The sun-bathed Spruce Point Cottage is the reincarnation of a family's ranch-style home on a long peninsula. The beauty of this rare bird? One feels enraptured from the moment the car pulls up. It takes time to breathe in the natural wonders — the woods, the water, the sky — before crossing the doorstep.
This home, built to fit two, sits a stone's toss from rocks and surf, with the caw and crash of wildlife and the water setting a lovely soundtrack. You might think, why tear yourself away from Mother Nature? But as you'll see, the architects kept that in mind, too.
Opening the door puts us in an L-shaped space (to match the shore's curve) encompassing the kitchen, dining and living rooms. The space is sparkling with natural light, gleaming counters and floors, and a feeling of expansiveness. We are inside but we are not limited. And that dining table works perfectly in the corner so residents can munch slowly and absorb the scenery.  
The kitchen boasts a farmhouse sink, natural tones and plenty of space to prepare a delicious meal while inhaling the views. Kitchen duty never feels like a chore here, right? 
The influence of natural elements continues to the living room, where the wood floor and stone fireplace go hand in hand with the sliding doors bringing the outdoors inside. Do we sit on a couch and gaze at the fire? Or keep an eye on the boats dotting the water? Oh, there's not need to deny oneself either pleasure, really. 
Even the upstairs hallway, with lovely awning windows, does double duty. Sure it opens up the space and makes for a great spot to sip coffee or tea, but the open windows also let the wind in and help ventilate the home. Yes, it's a breezy kind of lifestyle. 
The bedroom upstairs does not disappoint, and we're glad the bed is situated just right. The vista is excellent from under the covers or outside on the private perch for two. Don't forget the binoculars!
This porch space seems like just the spot to spend the middle of the day, evading either the wind or the heat, and yet providing a perfect arena to stretch your legs, grab the guitar or shuck some corn for dinner. 
So what's wrong with saving the best for last? Whatever the mood — a bit of wine, rocking away the blues, dining for two by starlight — this is the happy place where the wonders of your little world never disappoint. Nothing is too far away to go grab and bring to the table. Any worries remain packed up in the car. This is not just a home, it's a retreat. 
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