Dollhouse-inspired Farmhouse has magical exterior

After 10 years of ownership, the owner of this Pennsylvania Farmhouse decided to pack their bags and sell the house. The owners were huge DIY fans and loved fixing up various things around the house. When they purchased the property, it was the house of their dreams -- the house was beautiful but it had many little problems that needed to be worked on.
After 10 years of fixing up the house, the owners finally ran out of ways to improve the building. The result is a home that has had every square inch restored and cared for. The house may be old, but it looks like it was built yesterday!
The dining room table is a large, wooden slab over exotic legs. The rest of the room is very regal, gold walls, curtains, and antiques sit in the room.
The kitchen is a simple design, and a large window allows light to pour into the room. Instead of an island, the kitchen features a small dining table for casual meals. 
The bathroom features a classy freestanding tub and a unique circular sink. The radiator heater proves the building's age.
The porch has been meticulously maintained, including all the wonderful trim that line the top of the ceiling. 
The owners are looking for a new house in the area to tackle -- a fixer-upper that has years of DIY projects waiting inside of it.
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