Coastal ambience lights up renovated Craftsman bungalow

It's one thing to dream about and shop for that special home. It's quite another to actually ensure that the home serves your needs and suits your tastes. One San Luis Obispo, Calif., family knows the pain and pleasures of such a journey. They dwell in a renovated 1918 Craftsman bungalow that houses five people plus pets. 
Once you walk through the doorway one of their main changes becomes crystal clear: the living, dining and kitchen areas are one open space, which adds light, a sense of togetherness and room for all. The three-bedroom, two-bath home may not be a completely Craftsman creation, but the redesign does hew to the style, with modern touches for practical purposes. 
The influences of the Central Coast also permeate the light-flooded living room, where river rock masonry and handcrafted wainscoting make a relaxed statement. There are wood built-ins, leather couches, and room to breathe and chat. And the floor? It's Santos mahogany, which is known for its luster and strength. 
The dining area doubles as a communal spot with plenty of seating for the kids to have lessons, study, draw or read within eyesight of the chef. One key strategy of the family's redesign? Add storage anywhere and everywhere to keep it clutter-free and to make sure each person has what they need. Here there is storage to the right against the wall for the kids' projects. In the kitchen the island provides storage as do the cabinets. And did you notice the pillars? We love the depth of this space, and its welcoming spirit.
Our first though is that this office is dreamy. The white-blue blend suits the mood and light in the room, which boasts a polished ambience. The desk is handcrafted and the shelving seems to beg to be used. Time to go book shopping! 
The lovely, airy stairwell features a skylight to add illumination to the space and downstairs as well as help ventilate the home in the warmer months. It's a functional space that becomes part of the artistic statement of the home. 
A bedroom is both a playground and a haven, and this one is a delightful mix of both. There are plenty of windows to watch the world, and one's friends, go by. A lot of bedrooms are pretty or bright, but this feels quaint, a sweet space where dreams are nurtured. 
Older homes, including Craftsmans, mean odd angles on upper levels. Here the family goes bold in this full bathroom, letting the slope decide the size of the mirrors and painting it a wake-up-already blue and white. The vintage-style tub and pedestal sinks — and the little door! — let us slip back in time.
The master bedroom offers ample room for any couple, with a sitting area providing a well-lit space to sip a solitary cup of coffee or read a bit before bedtime. More built-in shelving to die for!
A trio of windows, with shades for privacy, and an oh-so-comfy bed dominate the rest of the room. The white and blue theme, more demure here, fits in with the restful nature of the home. Who wouldn't want to spend their nights here?
This home is all about blending the past and the present. Why not share it with some near and dear friends? 
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