Farmhouse has dreamy interior

This wonderful piece of History was built in 1929, almost 100 years ago! Recently, a couple spent a great deal of time restoring the house to its former glory, and the results are absolutely stunning. Although the house has been modernized, it doesn't feel so modern that it loses its old-fashioned charm. Come take a look inside and see for yourself!
The dining room features classic wooden chairs and a wonderful antler chandelier. There's nothing fancy or gimmicky about this room, the rustic design works perfectly!
Some doorways were widened in order to give the house a more open feel. These large double doors really give the space an airy feeling.
The kitchen is probably the most modernized room in the house, but it still keeps a bit of its old-fashioned sensibilities. 
The much-needed mudroom is the perfect place to disrobe after a day in the rain or snow.
A grey bathtub contrasts perfectly with the pastel yellow walls in the bathroom. The matching picture frames are a nice touch as well.
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