The Barnes house is a Farmhouse lover's dream

In Murfreesboro, North Carolina sits a spectacular old Farmhouse. The house, known as the Barnes house, has aged remarkably well, keeping its old-fashioned trim and sensibilities without allowing itself to succumb to the modern fixtures that plague newer houses. The Barnes house is truly one-of-a-kind, and walking through its hallways is to walk into another time.
Beginning in the kitchen, where dark wood countertops perfectly contrast with white walls and an antique pearl sink. 
A closer inspection of the sink shows how wonderfully it has aged.
The guest bathroom is simple, but understandably has been updated.
The master bathroom features a wooden frame for the stand alone tub. A row of windows allows the room to be wrapped in light.
The main living room's layers of paint show the age of the room. Think of all the generations that have spent time in these walls...
The house features five bedrooms, many of them are simple and elegant. Notice this room's antique furniture and matching pot and bowl. 
This children's room is wonderfully playful. 
The exterior of the house has changed surprisingly little over the years. Compare this photo taken several generations ago....
...With this photo that was taken recently. The Barnes Farmhouse is the epitome of timeless beauty. To see more photos of this wonderful estate, check out the home's Tumblr page.
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