You're sure to love this Wisconsin farmhouse

When the new homeowners bought this farmhouse in Hudson, Wis., they didn't need to make structural changes. But they did want to redo the interior so that it was unique and family-friendly in order to accommodate their four small children. They used lots of tricks to make the home inviting without spending lots of money. 
In the family room, for example, the family stores the kids' toys in vintage suitcases to avoid lots of clutter. 
They also gave new life to a garage-sale coffee table by adding a fresh coat of white paint, and they hung a horizontal mirror to make the room look larger.
The dining room uses lots of vintage pieces to add character. The bench lends extra storage space, while the globes on the high shelf provide visual interest. A weathered old picture frame makes the art look older than it is.
In the hallway, the family used a bright blue paint color and new drapes to brighten up the room. Color-blocked curtains and a graphic striped rug add texture to the area. Near the ceiling, paper spheres were hung with clear fishing wire.
Upstairs, the son's room is simple and cheerful. The wall art is made from a set of alphabet flashcards strung together with twine. Coordinating but mismatched pillows add to the sense of whimsy while a chalkboard allows the little ones to practice their letters and numbers before bedtime.
The family decided to use a bold paint color in the tiny powder room. They taped off wide stripes to alternate sunshine yellow with white. The stripes play well with the graphic black-and-white print floor.
The family keeps track of their summer bucket list on a big chalkboard on the porch. Vintage furniture, including an old rocking chair with an oil-cloth seat cover, is comfortable and sturdy. There are plenty of bins to store the kids' balls and toys so that the area stays neat and relaxing.
When she's not looking after four kids, age 7 and younger, "I'm constantly coming up with little DIY projects to put around the house," the wife told HGTV. "I've been painting, drawing and building things since I was a kid and now, with a house to fill, I feel like I can just go on and on."
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