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Many of us have the urge to live in an old country home, but it's not always as simple as packing your bags and moving. Luckily, there's a simple way to see what it's like living in old country homes: simply look at their floorplans. This helps get a mental image of how the rooms in some country homes and farmhouses are laid out. 
We'll check out 6 farmhouse-style home plans. For those looking to move into a country home soon, it's worth noting that these floor plans can be modified to fit your needs or desires. You can build the house of your dreams! Let's take a look.
This 2500-square-foot 4-bedroom farmhouse features both a wraparound porch and a back deck. As you walk in through the front door, you're greeted by a foyer and a view of the great room, which opens up on the left into the kitchen. The second floor holds two smaller bedrooms and a recreational room.
This next home is a more cozy, 1700-square-foot 3-bedroom cottage-style farmhouse. It features a front and rear porch. The front door leads to the kitchen and family room, and the 2nd floor holds two smaller bedrooms. 
This farmhouse plan calls back to a more elegant era of homes -- the pillars are reminiscent of some Greek Revival-style farmhouses and country homes which have begun surging in popularity in recent years.The home features a narrow foyer when you walk through the front door that leads to a large family room surrounded by all the smaller rooms. 3300 square foot, 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms.
This house is more compact, but the 2 floors give plenty of space in s small package. This 2900-square-foot farmhouse-inspired home allows those yearning for a farmhouse experience to have it without the need for large expanses of space. Perfect for those living in residential neighborhoods, or if you're trying to conserve space on your land. Two of the 3 bedrooms are located upstairs, and there's even an additional room upstairs to be used as a playroom or for storage. 
This is another cozy farmhouse style home. It features 1900 square feet of space, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The main living room shares an open space with the kitchen and dining mail. Across from the kitchen features an indoor screened porch, for when the weather is right. 
This 2600-square-foot monster of a farmhouse has a built-in garage -- a feature not very common on old style farmhouses (many old farmhouses were designed before cars were common). An interesting thing to note about this home is that the first floor is devoted entirely to shared rooms: All of the bedrooms are located upstairs.
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Finding one with a deck on the second level is a huge bonus. It means you can sit outside with more of a view just about anytime you want.
December 15   ·  
This home comes with a full apartment space on the second floor. It’s kept separated from the rest of the house by some roof space.
December 14   ·  
True to the original farmhouse style, these farmhouses have tons of bedrooms.
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