New Jersey Farmhouse has eclectic interior

The desire for a change of pace from the hectic life of the city is often what precipitates a move to a suburban or rural location. The family at "Farmhouse_Chronicles" were looking for just that when they left Brooklyn and purchased this 1800's farmhouse in Bergen County, New Jersey.  While this colorful home is nestled in a quiet suburb, rather than a farm, it exudes all the qualities of a quaint rural abode. Great bones, classic trim, and white walls set the stage for the decor within.  
Every room is styled with a simplicity that allows the flooring, paneling, and architectural details to speak for themselves. This also makes clean up a breeze, especially with kids underfoot as less clutter typically means less mess. The owners have selected delightful artwork for each room in the home, from quirky to pastoral, each piece adds another level of interest.
A well-built door, with a vintage design, is the perfect prelude to this farmhouse chronicle.
An artistic view of the ocean creates a calming color palette for the family room.
This adorable teepee can keep the little ones occupied for hours, as well as accenting the rustic decor of the home.
A color scheme of black, white and grey creates a neutral backdrop for the timeworn table and kitschy, "meat cut" prints.
The clean white cabinets create the illusion of a larger space while channeling classic farmhouse design.
The circular mirror above the console pairs beautifully with its curved lines and classic appeal.
A twist on an old standby, dark grout instead of white, makes this vintage bathroom a showstopper.
This little boy's room is decidedly grown-up with its gray color palette and unadorned walls.
The laundry room stays clean and neat with the washer and dryer side-by-side beneath a functional countertop and upper, closed storage.
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