Take a tour through this Springfield farm

Simplicity and practicality were two words that Glenn and Paula had in mind when the couple approached Rauser Design to plan their new home. Located on a five-acre organic farm outside of Austin, Texas, this home was designed in the spirit of old Texas farmhouses and built to look like a remodel by mimicking the look of add-ons and extensions.
The pier-and-beam porch employs steel support columns to hold up the roof instead of wooden beams, adding long-standing strength and durability through all kinds of weather. A steel skirting helps keep out the critters.
There’s no stain or sealant on the natural cedar deck planks. Cedar is long-lasting, pest-resistant, and it emits a great smell. The colors add warmth and old-world charm in combination with the clean white siding.
Inside, the kitchen welcomes in bright sunshine and overlooks wide shade trees. Modern stainless steel appliances stand out amid the mixture of vintage-style farmhouse cabinetry and furniture.
The kitchen opens into the living room beyond, where a cast-iron stove provides homestead comfort during the wintertime.
The stairwell is tucked away neatly by the red entrance door. The loft-style cutaway saves space and contributes to the house's cozy appearance.
The master bedroom features a quiet blue color palette and antique-looking side lamps. It opens into a sitting area under the wooden slant roof.
Even the bathrooms look like well-composed portraits of farm life. Here, a free-standing bathtub with cast iron legs is framed by wall-mounted soap holders, a painting, and two square windows.
With warm weather prevailing most of the year in Austin, this house provides an excellent venue for dinner parties and get-togethers. And in the Foore’s case, it’s the perfect place to admire their organic produce.
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