Napa Valley farmhouse offers charming, peaceful retreat

Napa Valley is famous worldwide for its sunny weather and beautiful vistas. The houses in the region are quite worthy of the glory, too – while not as much of a draw as the wineries, they are certainly as beautiful as the landscapes they are built on. This Airbnb listing is no different.
Located on the Napa area's Main Street, this charming house will be more than perfect for your next holiday getaway. The place features a number of amenities that will not only make your stay comfortable – but also unforgettable.
The typically American facade, with the matching flag, is joined by a bird fountain for a classic yet welcoming facade.
The bedroom's soft pastel colors give it a youthful, old-fashioned look that'll accompany you into your pleasant dreams.
There is no shortage of decorative elements in this house, all of which add up to a rustic fairytale feel.
The other bedroom is slightly more feminine, with a colorful blanket and a mirror included.
Opposite the bed, a lovely two-seater bench for when you'd rather sit elsewhere.
The dining room table can accommodate six people – even more with a little squeezing.
The piano in the corner can provide for some sophisticated music if you'd like to have entertainment while you're enjoying your meal.
The sewing table and its surrounding area feel like they belong in a museum, with vintage clocks and an ornate lamp.
Though the furniture may look like it's from another era, it's still in excellent condition.
The gold picture frames and curtains provide a colorful accent to an otherwise immaculate white bathroom.
The backyard features its own sitting area and a great balance of sunlight and shadows, allowing for either sunbathing or relaxing in the shade.
Under the tree, a lovely little cabana offers a slightly more exotic experience, with a fireplace built into the stone.
All in all, this home makes for a perfect stay in an area that's both leisurely and historic. A combination that the house matches wonderfully.
Let us know what you think of the home in the comments section and share it with your friends if you'd love to stay there!
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