Farmhouse Style Decor
12 farmhouse living rooms that will make you completely obsessed
Living rooms with farmhouse style....
By Erica Young
Country Home Tours
Redmond, Wash. cottage doesn't leave anything to be desired
Tucked away in the suburbs of Seattle is where you'll find this charming West Coast cottage......
By August West
Farmhouse Tours
Cozy farmhouse cottage has modern remodeled interior
This peaceful Tennessee farmhouse cottage doesn't look exceptionally impressive from the outside, but the inside of it is a dream come true. The house is surrounded by a horse pasture, and horses can be seen from all angles in the house......
By Johnny Ornelas
Farmhouse Style Decor
9 beautiful farmhouse porches perfect for sipping tea and watching the sunset
There's nothing quite like sitting on your porch chatting with neighbors or enjoying a beautiful sunset after a long day at work......
By Angela Brown
Modern Farmhouses
Don't let space constrict your dreams of building a modern farmhouse
Distinguished by its huge windows, sloping eaves, and light-colored side paneling, this simple house has adapted......
By Kari Livingston
Traditional Farmhouses
Fall in love with this Shiplapped Farmhouse
The stunning black and white staircase, outfitted in shiplap, sets the stage for the design seen throughout the home....
By Leanne Groening
Farmhouse Style Decor
12 farmhouse tables and dining rooms you'll love
Nothing says 'home' like gathering around the dinner table......
By Angela Brown
Farmhouse Floor Plans
6 layout designs for your fantasy farmhouse
Dreamy farmhouse layouts...
By Erica Young
Farmhouse Tours
You'll be instantly cheered by this bright, darling farmhouse
After buying a farmhouse out of foreclosure, a family with five kids created a beautiful and bright sanctuary....
By Brigid Sweeney
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