North Carolina Painted Lady is drenched in stunning color

From a first glance, it's obvious that one of the most standout features of this delightful North Carolina Painted Lady is the colorful gingerbread detailing of the exteriors. The bright yellow base coat of paint is incredibly eye-grabbing, so deeper shades of green and purple are used to level the extremity of the yellow.  
While bright colors are thematic throughout the inside of the house as well, one room does stand in stark contrast with that aesthetic - the kitchen. Take a look at the photo gallery below, taken from the home's listing on Zillow, to see how a rustic kitchen serves as a welcome departure from the over-stated colors in the rest of the home. 
The same color scheme used on the home's exterior is found on the property's two gazebos, one of which can be seen in the photo above. The back deck of the house can be seen in closer detail below - rich purples complement the stark pastel yellow. 
Many of the rooms inside are splashed with color as well, such as this pink living room and the very green dining room below it. 
Brick and marble fireplaces housed in dark wood detailing even out both of these brightly colored spaces. 
One of the bedrooms upstairs even features both pink and green, both so very pastel that they are reminiscent of cotton candy. Notice the bright purple carpet under the bed as well - bright colors are almost everywhere you look in this home. 
Step into the kitchen, however, and you'll find a brick fireplace, wooden walls, and an exposed wooden ceiling. While seemingly a bit out of place in this elaborate home, the space creates an earthy respite from the in-your-face aesthetic of other rooms, making this kitchen feel extra cozy and homey. 
Without a doubt, this home is defined by the exceptionally bright and bold use of color, but the stark lack of color in the kitchen does a beautiful job of balances the extremes found in other rooms. 
Bright colors (and so many of them in one place) isn't everyone's cup of tea - would you enjoy living in a house this colorful, or is it just too much? Do you think the kitchen balances the home, or do you find it to be too out of place? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share this gallery if you loved it! 
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