Peek inside this 10,000 sq.ft. giant with elaborate wood detailing at every turn

Nashua, NH. is home to the "Duck Pond House," an 8-bedroom, 7-bath, 10,000 square-foot mansion on 2.18 acres, aptly named for the incredible view of Duck Pond available from the back of the house. Built in 1900, the Duck Pond House was built right at the end of the Victorian period and the beginning of the Edwardian period. These styles were incredibly similar and differentiated mostly in elaborateness versus practicality of design, Edwardian being more practical and less elaborate than Victorian. Though the Zillow listing for this property refers to the home as Edwardian, much of the elaborate wood detailing inside says otherwise - Let's take a look!
The columns, windows, and detailing on the front of the house are welcoming, bright, and dignified, but are only a taste of the kind of intricate design found within. 
Coffered ceilings can be found throughout the first floor of the home, beautifully illuminated by large and sophisticated chandeliers. The moldings and wood paneling are greatly complemented by the use of coffered ceilings. 
In the grand foyer below, deep, dark tones in the coffered ceiling and stairway are offset by pristine white walls, creating a stark yet pleasing contrast of extremes. 
As is made evident by the photo of the living room below, the wood detailing used throughout this home comes in many different shades. Lighter coffered ceilings and walls in this room make it feel more homey and warm. 
Step into the den below and you'll find yet another coffered ceiling, but again in a slightly different shade. Huge windows and chandeliers are absolutely necessary in this home to offset the darkness of much the wood detailing. 
To balance the deep tones throughout much of the rest of the first floor, the living room boasts a mixture of bright white and pale pastel yellow. This ginormous fireplace would be excellent to curl up in front of on a snowy winter day! 
A closer look at the white coffered ceilings in the photo below shows just how elaborate the design is, especially enhanced by the gorgeous, multi-tiered glass chandelier hanging in this particular alcove. 
Though the coffered ceilings aren't found in the bedrooms above, the delicate white moldings around the ceilings and fireplace are reminiscent of the first-floor design without being too overbearing. 
The Duck Pond House is full of splendor, both inside and out. Gorgeous landscaping, tall trees, and a large yard beautifully surround the three-story, 17-room property.  
From across Duck Pond at night, the home looks like a veritable dream. 
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