Lose yourself in the marvelous grand spaces of this 16,000 sq.ft. lakefront home

Right on the edge of Mullet Lake in Indian River, Mich. is a 16,000 sq.ft. home, featuring a whopping ten bedrooms and fifteen bathrooms, with thirty rooms in total. Many of these rooms are ginormous, especially common areas like the living rooms, but the magnificent and meticulously planned out design details fit these large spaces perfectly. 
Deep, forest green adorns the outside of the house and is a nod at many of the lush features inside that follow the same color scheme. For a home surrounded by sweeping expanses of nature, earthy green tones are a perfect match for the environment. 
A closer look at the home's exterior details below reveals the intricacies of the woodworking in the porches and railings. 
The largest of the common spaces is the sitting/living room with an adjoining bar against the back wall. Here you can easily see how rich, forest green is thematic throughout the house. Bright white moldings offset the darkness of the green coffered ceiling and dark green marble surrounding the fireplace. 
A close look at the fireplace reveals the immense amount of detail carved into the mantle. The white, green and brown aesthetic in this area is quite reminiscent of the home's exterior contrasted with the surrounding trees. 
Turn to face away from the fireplace and you'll see that the lavish woodworking extends to every corner of the room, from the crown moldings to the railings on the stairway to the bar. 
Upstairs, the bedrooms feature large windows and the same lavish crown moldings and wall paneling as in the living room below. Dark pieces of imposing wooden furniture in this particular room are reminiscent of the dark tones in the living room below and help to balance the brightness of this very white bedroom. 
The bedrooms are certainly not lacking for space, as evidenced by the children's room featured below. An alcove with floor to ceiling windows, an ornate chandelier above, and pillars marking the entryway would be a magical place in which to sleep. 
The bathroom featured below is oozing with elegance, especially with that luxurious bathtub with a view of the property. Forest green makes another stunning appearance in this bathroom in the tiling on the wall, as well as in the gorgeous green marble column at the left side of the tub. 
Even in a small sitting room, the details are nothing short of luxurious. Green marble is the focal point once again, wonderfully complementing the stone fireplace and its white marble and gold accents. 
In the photo below, a rounded office with high ceilings provides plenty of space to tackle any project. Warm, golden wood detailing brings a unique energy to this particular room, setting it apart from the color aesthetics in most of the rest of the house. Look closely, however, and you'll notice that this room also provides small tastes of the home's most thematic design - green marble is wrapped along the counter under the windows and tucked below the desk light. 
In the final image below, a second living room/recreation room stands in stark contrast to the sharp elegance  of the first room featured. Unpainted wood adorns every surface of this room, and though it certainly creates a different feel than the slick white/green design in the other, luxurious details are not lacking here. 
An intricate carving atop the fireplace catches the eye and directs the gaze further down to the carved, wooden eagles that stand beside the fireplace where marble columns would be in the other living room. 
The living room below is certainly the more casual and relaxed of the two entertaining spaces, and with so much space in the home, it makes sense as to why they were designed differently for different purposes. It's spectacular, however, that looking closely reveals many small similarities (coffered ceilings, built-in bookshelves, a slab of green marble at the base of the fireplace, and gorgeous crown moldings) that keep these different spaces unified. 
The luxurious design features in this large home do a wonderful job of offsetting the absolute immensity of its space. Bare walls lacking in moldings and simple fireplaces would do no justice to fill and embellish such an expansive home. Its design clearly aims to place the tenants in the lap of luxury, and everywhere you look, you're sure to be reminded of this. 
What do you think of this gargantuan lake home? Do you love all the extra space, or do you think it's simply too much? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this gallery if you loved it! 
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