Pillars and grand walkways create huge, regal spaces in this dreamy mansionĀ 

Featured in the gallery below is a 7,043 square-foot mansion, located in the Beaufort Park neighborhood of Fulton, MD. According to the Zillow listing, this neighborhood is referred to as "A Sea of Tranquility Set in a Watershed, A Park-like Setting," and the exposed stone on the outside do a wonderful job of matching the tranquil environment.The home, though quite large, only has four bedrooms and was clearly designed to exaggerate its size as opposed to downplaying it. 
Vaulted ceilings, grand open spaces, and a loft all contribute to making this home feel extremely open and airy. The entryway to the home, pictured below, perfectly illuminates how archways supported by columns keep both walkways and main areas open. 
Were you to walk to the left of the stairway and into the open living room, you would see the grand, exposed stone fireplace pictured below. 
The kitchen, boasting beautiful stained-glass windows above the sink, is large and open as well, with a dining area situated to the left in the photo below. While both areas feel distinct, the lack of a wall dividing them up makes the entire space feel much larger. 
In the photo below, you can see how there are very few divisions from room to room. The same dining area that was visible in the photo above can be seen below in the back of the image below, and it connects with two other sitting/dining areas. Pillars and archways are again used to define and mark off specific and distinct areas while maintaining a flowing, open layout. 
From the second-story landing above the staircase, you can truly get a sense of how grandiose and vast the home is. Exceptionally high ceilings cause the landing of the stairs to almost float in between the airy spaces of the living room and entryway. 
The master bedroom is just as spacious as the rest of the house, almost dwarfing the massive exposed stone fireplace at the far end of the room. 
The master bathroom is simply to-die-for with its huge vanity. 
Its most stunning aspect, however, is the green-tiled jacuzzi tub situated amongst large windows that provide views of the grounds. 
Returning to the first floor brings us to the last and one of the largest spaces in the entire home, pictured below. This rec/entertainment room features incredible vaulted ceilings and a loft situated at the back of the room. Huge windows at the top level are affixed with stained-glass, all of which function to bring tons of natural light into the room. A floor-to-ceiling, exposed-stone fireplace mirrors the one found in the front living room. 
What do you think of the use of space in this home? Would you love living here or would it feel too big? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this gallery if you loved it!
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