Take a tour of HGTV's dream home 2009

In Sonoma County, California lies a Farmhouse that proves attention to detail can push an ordinary home into the realm of the extraordinary. The Sonoma County Farmhouse was Home and Garden TV's dream home in 2009, and it's not hard to see why. The 3,700-square-foot estate has class and charm dripping from each of its rooms. 
The attention to detail begins outside. The intricately carved posts on the porch give guests an idea of the fine characteristics the house will have inside. 
Stepping into the foyer, guests are treated with a view of the family room.
A tight, neutral color scheme keeps the family room from feeling too busy, but the lamps and central art piece give the room enough color to prevent it from being bland. 
The formal living room's splash of blue makes it the perfect place to enjoy tea with friends on a summer day. 
The kitchen is an absolute dream. A large marble-topped island separates the casual dining table from the chef's area, and a white double-doored pantry offers a spot of color contrast. 
The children's room looks like it was plucked from a catalog. The colors of the bed mesh perfectly with the colors of the walls and pillows. 
The master bedroom offers a remarkable amount of space. The large canopy bed provides extra privacy from the outside world.
The master bath is a work of art. Hardwood floors and a large freestanding bathtub serve as the primary focal points. 
HGTV builds a "dream home" every year and gives it away as part of a lottery contest. The winners of this Sonoma estate ended up selling it back to the designer for $2 million. 
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