Arlington Farmhouse gets restored

This wonderful Farmhouse was in the process of being cleaned when its owners made a wonderful discovery -- the attic had a view of the Washington Monument. At the time, the home had only one story. In order to take advantage of the view, Moore Architects were hired to make a two-story addition to the building.
On top of being expanded, the crumbling house was completely restored. Architects used what was left of the original design to use as inspiration for the new parts of the house. 
The old attic, featuring the view of the Washington Monument, served as the catalyst for the home's entire rebuild. When the work was done, it was transformed into a room for social events.
Most of the Farmhouse's interior was rebuilt from the ground-up, but the designers took great care to keep the traditional aesthetic intact. The windows and doorways were enlarged to open up the space.
The kitchen was moved into the new addition towards the rear of the house. The center island is large enough to support a casual meal for 3-4 people.
The master bathroom was also moved and built on the new addition. An elegant, marble bath sits next to second-story views of the neighborhood. 
The estate features a sleeping porch to allow guests to enjoy the summer weather. Double ceiling fans can keep the area cool even on the hottest of days.
This Arlington Farmhouse is a celebration of old-fashioned designs, and the architects were able to create a seamless transition between classic and modern looks. Now this timeless design will live on to house another generation.
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