Give in to the pull of coastal life at this seaside cottage

Coastal living can calm the crankiest of souls. All it takes is a few whiffs of fresh air, watching a fluffy cloud or two drift past, and the rhythmic crash of the waves hitting the shore. Throw in some squeals of delight from the families playing about and the flutter of kites in the air. What a way to let go of life's worries. And it's not even vacation time.
That's right, at The Cottages in North Carolina this sun-washed, breezy lifestyle can be nipped and tucked to fit your physical needs and your designer's eye. Don't forget to pack your mystery novel collection!
Open the door and be enveloped in the room's soothing sense of style. In the living area the classic mantel and fireplace draw the eye, with seascape accents to liven it up. The coffered ceiling and fan add a lovely timelessness to the sitting area. 
The dining room is smartly casual, but far from basic. A great window, with shutters to keep the world at bay when you want, makes the space feel bigger without adding to your list of chores. And follow their lead and mix and match your chair styles for a vibrant but earthy effect.
In the kitchen it's clean lines, efficient work space and a breakfast/brunch bar to boot. Back in the corner the chef can read or do some computer work while keeping an eye on their concoction. Notice that the seaside design theme runs through the home — love the oars.
Every collector of things is swooning right about now. The wood theme is a natural fit but the fact that you can express yourself here is the best part. And change it with the seasons or holidays. Who has shelf envy?
Drift off to Dreamland in this wispy-but-rustic bedroom. The dainty bedding contrasts with the wood influences and the window is placed just right. Snuggle down under the covers, all is right with the world.
Is there a sailor in the family? This might be the right room for that person. Delicate seashell accents, a miniature sailboat and the mermaid keeping an eye on the bed — time to drop anchor.
The shutters pop up in the bathroom, where we see all the modern conveniences in a perfect blend of tones. This room is tranquil and practical — full steam ahead.
No seaside home can be complete without a spot to put your feet up, welcome a neighbor and chat for a spell. If there's no breeze let the fan be of assistance, and remember, you're never too far from a glass of something cool to drink. Sit back, relax and indulge.
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